Social Networking Sites are the latest path to link your website or blog and get visitors. But these sites are mushrooming and keeping a track of all the social networking sites daily is becoming difficult. Facebook is a popular social site. Daily you get loads of friend requests and new events and you soon realize that reading and responding messages have taken you hours and hours. This task can be done in just 15 minutes.

Read the steps below

1. Update your status. After log in, instead of updating your status which is the first section in Facebook, use A free service I use to update my Facebook, MySpace, Linkedin, Twitter status. To know more about check my post Update Social Networks with

2. Review your news feeds. Click the first tab, check the reviews, and comment on reviews that are of industry and category of your interest. Show your expertise by giving your informative comments.

3. Review news feeds of your friends. View the feeds of your friends lists. Create private groupings of your friends into various categories as per the industry. Pick these lists and comment on the feeds.

If you do not have any friends list and want to create then click Friends at the top of the Facebook page. Click make a new list on the left. Then give a name to the list and add friends in the list. You can select multiple friends too. Then save the list.

4. Review status updates. Look into the status updates of your friends. some people add blog posts to their status. This is a good way to comment on the blogs of others without searching for blog posts of your interest and topic.

5. Review Friend Requests. Add friend if fits your interest. Some people are of the opinion that there should be a set of guidelines for friend requests.

6. Respond to event invitations. You may get invitations to various events from your friends. Look if anything interests you.

7. Respond to group invitations. I generally do not give much importance to groups. But if anything of my choice I show interest.

8. Add Friends. While adding friends it is always better to send a personalized message that how you came to know about him/her or why you want to be friend? I add friends if anybody requests me "Want to be my friend".

9. Review Notifications. Check accepts, notes on your wall and to respond to requests or posts, post on your friends wall.

10. Check your profile. Check regularly that your profile is looking as you want.

So devote just 15 minutes a day or at least thrice a week updating your Facebook account and you will soon see results.

I read this article on SiteProNews. The article tells how to spend just 15 minutes a day when these days webmasters spend the whole day on social bookmarking sites to make their website popular.

I liked this article, agree to Donna, the author with the points she has covered. In fact I follow most of the steps she has mentioned and so here is my post.

Posted by  Madhu  on  11/22/2008  |  Permalink

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    Hi !

    How did u use Popular post. I want to use it on my blog as well.

  2. Madhu Nov 29, 2008, 10:47:00 PM  

    It is a widget I used from the site BloggerBuster

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