To run a computer smoothly processor should be in good condition and well maintained. Liquid cooling is the answer to cool the hot CPU. It is much more efficient because of its two advantages, one is it allows higher clock speeds in the processor, second it reduces noise.

But, what is Liquid Cooling?
Liquid cooling is mainly a radiator for the Central Processing Unit inside the computer. The liquid cooling system circulates a liquid through a heat sink attached to the processor. As the liquid passes through the sink, heat is transferred from the hot processor to the cooler liquid. The hot liquid then moves out to a radiator and the heat is expelled to the air outside and the cooled liquid is sent back to the CPU through the liquid cooling system.

Advantages of Liquid Cooling
1. As the temperatures are within the permissible limits of the manufacturer's specifications, the PC clocks speeds are higher.
2. Liquid Cooling Solution gives much less noise than the heat sink and fan combination type.

Disadvantages of Liquid Cooling
There are a large no. of disadvantages in liquid cooling mainly because of size and technical skills needed to install it.

It requires a large space. Enough space must be there for the fluid reservoir, the impeller, the tubing, fan and power supplies.

Opt for Liquid Cooling or Not
Since it is relatively a new technology to PC, high technical knowledge to install is required and requires large space, presently it is not suitable for general computers.

But if CPU speed continues to increase and new heat control systems are discovered with regard to processors, liquid cooling may become a standard computer system construction. Also people are more sensitive towards noise these days and slowly may look for the lesser noise option.

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