Google Inc. on Wednesday launched adsense for Web-based video games. The software is still in beta testing and allows video, image or text advertisements to be placed at the start, end or change of level in an online game.

The advertising industry has got a huge boost with Google's entry into video advertising.

AdSense for Games will deliver video ads based on intended placements, as well as image or text ads based on contextual targeting with keywords and tags supplied by developers and publishers.

Advertisers are charged on a cost-per-impression or cost-per-click basis, and ad revenue is split between Google and game developers or publishers.

Google is working with game makers including Konami Corp and Demand Media, run by former MySpace Chairman Richard Rosenblatt, as well as advertisers like Sprint Nextel Corp and Sony Corp's Sony Pictures.

Among the initial advertisers participating in the program are eSurance, Sprint, and Sony Pictures Entertainment and the in-game advertising field already has several well-established players, including Microsoft's Massive, DoubleFusion, and IGA.

On Google Adsense Blog, a post mentions that as a beta user of AdSense for Games, one can display video ads, image ads, or text ads within your online games to earn revenue.

There seems a big future success for Google and if that were the case, Goggle will surely add this service to mobile games and then finally to console.
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Google In-Game Advertising

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  1. Knowledge Portal Oct 12, 2008, 1:24:00 PM  

    WoW. That's a great news. So google is extending their service to provide benefit to the publishers. I have bookmarked this blog.

    I am hoping you will soon publish an article on adsense rss. The new feature on adsense account. I am getting confused with this service.

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