Amazon rolled out the new "site stripe" feature for the newly redisigned Associates Central website. The Site Stripe feature will allow to create links to the favorite products and pages on the site so one can update their website more frequently and with fewer clicks. So, now I can see my Associates Site Stripe to link to any page on Amazon.

This feature lets you build your associates links right from any page. The Site Stripe will appear at the top of every Amazon page as "Link to this page". Amazon has provided quick and easy access for building links, adding products to your aStore, adding discussion board, earnings summary, what's new and even seeing your reports.

It is compatible with Product Links. To use the Site Stripe feature, sign in your Amazon Associates account first. Then look at the top of the page.

The linking tools that will help you build links to pages on Amazon are :

Link to favourite destinations

Link to search results

Link to any page at

Link checker

This feature is a time saver for amazon affiliates who link to a lot of product pages. So login and enable this feature and have fast selllings !!

Posted by  Madhu  on  10/28/2008  |  Permalink

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