Recycling, that too recycling electroncis is a big problem. Panasonic, on thursday announced that is creating a nationwide program in US to provide their consumers easy recycling of TV and other consumer electronics with a simple goal of safe recycling of used electronics.

Lack of greenery is the major contributor to environmental pollution. Therefore going green should be the mantra for every citizen of planet earth and this is the idea to start are a "Tech Green" category in my blog "GREEN WORLD".
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It is easy to discard computer, laptop, accessories, unused and obsolete gadgets and throw into the garbage bin. More and more companies have started to give support to their consumers for safe disposal of their old electronics

.As per this recycling program of used electronic products, consumers can drop of their Panasonic products free of charge. Initially this program will roll out in 10 states and over 3 years will cover 50 states.

The Panasonic program will begin on November 1, 2008. A list of participating sites is available at

The Panasonic program will help to move end-of-life consumer electronics out of the common waste stream and into a separate and environmentally responsible recycling stream.

Over the last two years, Panasonic has worked to test various product recycling mechanisms in several states and localities, through dozens of voluntary recycling events, and with a number of established recyclers.

By 2010, Panasonic wants to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and introduce products that are energy efficient and can be easily recycled.

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